The Next Chapter

So, where was I? I found the spot, had it confirmed, scheduled surgery...

Delivered my baby (happy times!) and then 2 weeks later, the dreaded appointment. The worst part of it all, was not really understanding what to expect. We're talking about my face here! I've never had surgery. I was quite nervous about how I would look. I even had my hair cut as to hide my forehead. I opted to be asleep during the quick surgery which took place in an abulatory center connected to the hospital. Basically, the doctor cuts around the spot, sends that sample down the hall for the pathologist to look at and then decides if any more needs to be removed. In my case, more was needed! Ugh!! As you see in the gruesome pictures, the incision was vertical so the skin could be pulled closed easily. The pathologist found cancer at the top of the incision as well as in the original place.

I'm not sure how many stiches there were. Pretty ugly, huh? My faced swelled up for a couple of days, but in the end it healed really well. But Then Guess What Happened? Yep, Another Spot!
So what about that scar? The doctor as well as the nurses recommeded Vitamin D oil rubbed in several times daily. And of course...SUNSCREEN! year later, no one notices.


Dermatologist Costa Mesa said...

I really like your all chapter. really so emotional story.i will keep in touch for your next chapter.

Geoffrey Lelia said...

Aww. That looks really painful. Good thing it healed up well. Did it leave any scars? That's why I hate stitches. I got a wound under my chin that took five staples to close, and it left an ugly scar. Good thing it is not noticeable.

John said...

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Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

I'm so glad that your surgery for skin cancer went well. I'm trying to convince my dad to get himself checked for skin cancer. I'm pretty sure he has some, but he refuses to go in. I keep telling him it's a dumb idea to die from something preventable.

Sahar Webb said...

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Unknown said...

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Shantel Knowlton said...

Thank you so much for sharing your story! It's pretty amazing the before and after photos, you healed up so well! I am writing a paper in nursing school about skin cancer. Any tips you have or advice to give someone for skin cancer avoidance? Thanks so much!

Alisha Carter said...

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