Another Spot

While preparing for my first surgery, a "pimple" showed up on the side of my nose. That's exactly what it looked like to me. A pimple. Remember, I was pregnant so this did not really alarm me in the least bit. Several weeks passed and this pimple wasn't going anywhere and in fact it was looking a little bit angry.
So I was there in my plastic surgeon's office. I reluctantly asked him to look at my nose. "Aha! Let's get a sample." A few days later, the call came in. Yep, I'll be facing another surgery. A different type of surgery. A skin graft! Noses have less loose skin so using a flap technique could possible misshape the nose. I've seen someone who's had the flap on their nose. And although it wasn't entirely noticable, I'm sure it would have bothered me!! Again, these pictures are taken after the biopsy, but it didn't look much different before.


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